Major types of family laws in Hervey Bay

Families are the most important social units in every society. There are times when the family members are in peace with each other, but other times you find out that they have disputes among them. In such times people require family lawyers to help them in dealing with the family issues that they might be facing. In most cases, people do not get to understand that there are different types of family lawyers dealing with varying types of family law. In Hervey Bay, for example, when you need a family lawyer, you have to find the family lawyer who will offer you the exact services that you need. This will be determined by the areas of specialisation of the family lawyers. When you understand different types of family lawyers, you will get to hire a family lawyer that can attend to your law needs.


This is the primary type of family law that every person knows about. The divorce family law deals with ending marriages legally. In case the two of you decide that you cannot accommodate each other, then the best thing to do is to get a divorce.


The other common type of family law deals with spousal support. After a separation or divorce, both of you have to live in separate ways. However, there can be a spouse who is to support the other financially.  The kind of family law that will ensure that your spouse supports you financially even after the divorce or separation is the spousal support.

Child custody

When most parents are getting divorced, they either have young or older kids. When you have young children, you will be required to file child custody so that you can keep your child. In most cases, the mother stays with the children, but when they attain a certain age, they can choose who they want to stay with.


There is a parent who cannot conceive. If these people have a passion for being parents, they can adopt children. This type of family law helps these parents to gain the legal rights of adopting a child or children and raising them as if they are their own.


There are times when men impregnate women, but they have not declared the fathers to the children that are born due to one reason or another. If the man wants to be declared the father, he is supposed to make use of this family law to ask the court in Hervey Bay to help them determine the paternity.  On the other hand, if the man does not want to be the father of a child, the woman can also ask the court to determine the paternity and declare the man who impregnated them the father of the child.

Protection  orders

There are people, and especially women who are abused in their marriages. This may be due to a violent spouse or even alcoholism. The people who are involved in domestic violence use the protection order given to them by the court to ensure that no one abuses them.

All these are some of the types of family laws that you will find in Hervey Bay family courts. Look for a leading family lawyer in Hervey Bay if you need legal help in any of these situations.

Tips to help you find the right Armidale family lawyer

Family law entails various legal issues which include child support, divorce, maintenance, legal adoption and child custody. The right family lawyer would make sure that your rights and interests are protected throughout the legal proceedings. This is one reason why you need to hire an experienced family lawyer in Armidale.

Hiring a family lawyer doesn’t need to be a tedious task. If you keep the following tips in mind while looking for one:

  • One of the most reliable ways of looking for a family lawyer is through referrals. It’s important that you have a talk with people who have been associated with dealing with lawyers in the past. One of the most convenient ways is to talk to your friends or people within the family. Also you can get references from people who are in legal practice. They generally know of lawyers who specialize in family law.
  • You need to know their field of specialization. As explained above family law is pretty diverse. There are quite a few things involved when it comes to family matters. If you are looking for child custody, make sure you hire a lawyer who is known for their experience in handling such cases. You need to hire someone who knows what they are doing best. Their experience and guidance can help tips things in your favor.
  • Check the credentials of the lawyer you would want to work with. Lawyers have to undergo intense training in order to achieve a good position in the fraternity. They have to work for several years in the legal profession to build a name for themselves. The lawyer who is experienced is bound to be certified and associated with the local bar association. Before you hire a lawyer do check out what credentials they have

Things to consider when looking for a divorce lawyer

A failed marriage can be emotionally draining. While divorce is inevitable in such a case, hiring the right divorce lawyer can help. They would make sure that the process is swift. When choosing a family lawyer to help with the divorce, do keep these things in mind:

  • Choose someone who has experience in dealing with matters in court. While arbitration can help sweeten the process, things can get ugly and going to court is the only option.
  • Make sure they are experts in their chosen field
  • Do check out the reviews and testimonials of previous clients. You can find some of the best lawyers on the internet. However you should only make a decision when you feel that you have gone through all the reviews. Look for lawyers with a good rating.
  • Last but not the least go for someone whom you feel comfortable with. Do have an initial session with at least two or three lawyers. Keep in mind that divorces are highly personal. You would need to share information which deals with your current situation. It would be helpful if you find yourself comfortable with your lawyer.

Make sure you hire the right family lawyer in Armidale.

How to Hire the Right Commercial Property Lawyer in Melbourne

Are you looking for a commercial property lawyer in Melbourne? Do you want to purchase or sell a commercial property? Whatever you need to do, just keep in mind that the right layer can help make the process a whole lot smooth sailing.

The following are a few points which would help you make the right decision:

  • The key is to find a commercial property lawyer in Melbourne who is known for their experience and expertise. Picking a lawyer is no easy task and requires a great deal of careful thought and deliberation. You need someone who does their due diligence and has helped clients in the past make up deals which have benefitted them. Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone who just deals with domestic properties or small scale industries. You actually need to hire someone who is competitive and know their way around commercial real estate in Melbourne.
  • Also make sure that the lawyer you hire would be able to give equal attention to your property deal. They should be present at all the contracts being signed or designed. In fact they would be playing a pivotal role in ensuring that all your work is being done the right way so there are no hidden clauses when it comes to buying or selling the commercial property.
  • Make sure you get referrals from others in your business. As someone who deals in commercial properties you may be knowing other individual who might have hired commercial property lawyers in Melbourne. Do follow through and get as much information as you can about a particular law firm. Thorough research would help you arrive at the right decision.
  • Get to know how they charge for their services. The fees can go up to tens of thousands of dollars. Since you would be paying such a big um of cash you want to make sure that you have an idea of what you are getting into. Some lawyers charge half the sum before the deal and the rest after the deal is sealed. Some may charge you by the hour while others might take fees in installments. Just make sure that you find a reliable commercial property lawyer.
  • Make a list of individual solicitors who you might want to talk to. There are some lawyers who are more popular than others mainly because of their good reputations and great track record. Make a list and follow through with at least first three lawyers in your list. Having a discussion with them would help you understand how each of them works and whether you are okay with having them help you guide through the whole process. The right lawyer not only helps tip the odds in your favor but they also give great advice when it comes to real estates. Their connections help them understand more about the property.

For more information on Melbourne commercial property lawyers, make sure you visit a reliable law firm which deal in real estate.

How to Hire Family lawyers In The Gold Coast

When people hear about hiring family lawyers, all they think about is filing a divorce.  However, family lawyers have other duties that they can perform when your family requires their services apart from helping you file a divorce. Anytime your family requires any legal support; you require a family lawyer to help you in the legal matters. When you are hiring any other lawyers when you need them, you are required to be very careful. The same case applies even when you are hiring a family lawyer.

When hiring a lawyer for your family, you ought to be very serious so that you make the selection perfectly. In Gold Coast, for instance, so many people are in the market in the name of family lawyers, and if you do not know this, you will hire an inexperienced lawyer making you lose any case that your family has. For this reason, there are several factors that you need to consider before you hire a family lawyer on the Gold Coast. The following are the factors to consider when you are hiring a family lawyer in the Gold Coast.

1.         Experience and expertise

The first thing you need to find out before hiring a family lawyer in Gold Coast is their level of experience. This will help you find out whether the family lawyer has the legal skills and knowledge that an expert in this field requires in any case you want them to deal with regarding your family.  To find out whether the family lawyer you want to hire is experienced or not, you should ask them the number of years they have been working as family lawyers. This will help you distinguish the family lawyers who are new in this area from those who have been assisting other clients for some years. You should also ask the lawyers to show you the records of the past cases they have been dealing with previously. This will help you know whether the lawyer is used to winning the cases they pick on or whether they are the failures that you should avoid.

2.         Reputation

It is good that before you decide to hire any family lawyer in Gold Coast, you ask information concerning them from your friends, relatives, and workmates. The data will be essential for you since each of the people you speak to will give you their view on the lawyers. It is even better when the people you are getting information from have been past clients of the family lawyers you want to hire. In case they have nothing good to say about their experiences with the family lawyers avoid hiring them. On the other hand, if all you get are recommendations, you are lucky since that is the best family lawyer to engage in the Gold Coast.

3.         Cost

You should hire a lawyer depending on the amount of money they charge you for their services. Some lawyers are too expensive, yet you earn less than they demand while others understand their clients. Always go for a family lawyer who is experienced and has a good reputation, but that does not overcharge you.

4.         Location

The location of the family lawyer in Gold Coast is also significant when you are hiring a lawyer. The location of the lawyer should be a place that you both can access each other when the need arises.

5.         Credentials

You should also check whether the lawyer has valid credentials or not. This is because most family lawyers who want to earn money from you will even forge their credentials for you to think that they are qualified. You should be very keen on this and asking the family lawyers to produce their credentials before you hire them will help you find out whether the lawyer you want to hire is qualified or not. Family law firm in Gold Coast – Bruce Legal has a team of licensed and credible lawyers to help you with your particular case.

Family relationships under Australian law

Children are supposed to have a good relationship with their parents. Under Australian law children are supposed to be protected from all kind of harm. The law also doesn’t make any suppositions regarding parental roles because it is actually gender neutral.

The decision which would decide a child’s future depends wholly upon what is good for the child. For children under the age of eighteen, if their parents separate, they normally share a joint custody of the child. Both would play an active role in bringing up the child.

All decisions re based on the best interest of the child, whether those are short term or long term decisions. From things like the schools which the child is supposed to attend to decisions regarding their health and safety are made jointly by both the parents.

However, it should be kept in mind that shared responsibility is not equivalents to parents sharing the same amount of time with the child. Terms like custody or contact arrangement are no longer considered under the Australian law.

Also there is no rule which states that the child needs to share equal time with both the parents. The child may choose to live with any one of the parent. However, all decisions regarding their health and safety and their future must be shared between the parents.

When it comes to making decisions regarding the child, what actually maters is that the parents should focus on what is best for their child. There are times when both the parents might disagree on a certain decision. However there are special family mediation services which can help the parents come to a mutual agreement. You will need the assistance of top rated family lawyers in Darwin to settle this matter.

Who handles the financial responsibility?

It is the duty of both the parents to support their child. Despite the fact that the parents have decided to separate, they are bot equally responsible for their child’s financial needs. The child support program is headed by the department of human services. it assists the parents in providing financial support for the child.

Making a parenting agreement with the other parent

Parenting agreement could be an oral agreement between the parents on the best possible ways to up bring their child. It could also comprise of a written parenting plan. Also there could be a formal agreement which is put forward in the court and is known as a consent order.

A parenting order though is only necessary when both the parents fail to reach an agreement regarding their child’s wellbeing on their own. The following things should be considered when making a parenting agreement:

  • How old the child is at the time of the separation
  • Which parents would be able to best provide complete care for the child on a day to day basis
  • Does the child have any special needs?
  • The educational needs of the child
  • Consideration must be given to the fact that which parent is more financially stable and therefore able to provide more for the child
  • The complete wellbeing and safety of the child

Keeping these things in mind would definitely help in ensuring that the child remains wellprotected and safe despite the parents separating.

Family law lawyers in Gold Coast

Family lawyers are the people who deal with all family legal issues. These issues may include guardianship, divorce, child custody, and any other matters. Therefore, these lawyers work as family mediators in the event of any family disagreements.

They can handle any urgent needs that the family may face, hence saving time in decision making.

Cases Handled By The Gold Coast family lawyers

Child custody

The lawyers understand who will take care of the children well between the two parents. They will get to explain to you the way the court will handle the matter, and the way it will determine the custodian and how the order will be enforced. This experienced team ensures that there is protection over your parental rights.

Separation and divorce

They will advise you on the requirements of separation. For example, they will advise you on the right procedure to follow in case of a divorce. Sometimes, a divorce can be issued without legal representation if the clients are guided in the right direction.

Gold Coast lawyers can help you in handling complicated cases which are likely to consume most of your time. Through their experience in this field, they know the best approach to use to make it successful.

Property consent orders

Protection of financial interests may not be guaranteed for the case of informal agreements. Gold Coast family lawyers help clients to reach effective agreements and obtain legally binding consent orders for the partners.

Therefore, with a family lawyer, the clients are assured of solutions without worries regarding the change of mind from the other partner.

Mediation and arbitration

Mediation requires trained professional personnel to assist both parties to speak out their case, and hence understand the two. Therefore, a family lawyer communicates effectively to help the parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

The partners can present their case and evidence to an arbitrator who will make a decision similar to that of a judge. They make the process much quicker and cost-effective than attending to court.

Spousal maintenance

They provide professional advice on spousal support. For instance, the Family Law Act requires that in the event of income disparity, a low-income earner can pursue spousal maintenance from the higher income earner spouse. This is only eligible when the lower income earner cannot support themselves due to caring for underage children, inability to secure employment or any other valid reasons decided by the court.

There should be a prove over the shortage of income or surplus income in one of the spouses. However, the application can be made for only one year from the date the divorce order is issued.

Paternity testing

They can do paternity testing in cases where parentage or presumption of paternity is not proven. This can be achieved through DNA analysis of the two parties after agreeing or by court order.

These family lawyers located on the Gold Coast understand the whole process of paternity testing and the necessary steps to follow to determine the biological father of the child. After the analysis of the results, the parties can look into other issues such as parental arrangements.

Child support

They help in assessing how much child support is payable to the child support agency. Here, they consider the parent’s income, the age of the child and the nights spent by the child with each parent.

They provide other crucial advice regarding private child support agreement and your entitlements when the other party lives outside Australia.

Finally, family lawyers play an essential role in handling estates and wills. They can advise on all parameters related to will establishment.

Things To Consider Before You File for Divorce

Getting a divorce can be a big decision. Not only does it entail a great amount of emotional baggage but it also brings about a number of functional problems as well. You need to decide how to proceed it, look at the financials along with making sure everything goes smoothly as well.

Before you file for a divorce, there are a number of things you need to consider.

Getting the right divorce attorney

The right divorce attorney can make everything go very easily while the wrong one can make your life a living hell. It is important to ask around and then interview those attorneys that people already know of. Getting someone completely unknown can be a great risk that you do not want to take. This is where family lawyers ballarat help save the day.

It is important to interview at least four to five different people so you know who you are going with. Generally, hiring an attorney is considered to be an expensive option but it is better if you do so. They have experience to argue in front of a judge and if needed they can also fight your case better than you possibly can.

Take into account all the assets and incomes you have

When you file for divorce or when it is being decided, things can get super messy. Before this takes place, you need to take a look at all the assets you and your spouse has and assess their monetary values as well. This will help you get an idea on your financial standing and what needs to be yours when you actually file for the divorce.

When it comes to the incomes, you need to look at accounts that you and your spouse have such as any current or savings accounts and the amount of money present in them. Moreover, you need to take a look at the stocks both of you have and how they can benefit you after divorce.

All this needs to be done so that you are in a good standing once your divorce is finalized.

Decide on staying or moving-out

Generally in all situations, this is the most difficult question. Many a times, the house that the couple lives in is bought by the two of them together and once a situation like a divorce takes place, the question that comes to mind is who will take the house?

If you have suffered from an abusive relationship, it is best to leave and get out of the house that you are in to forget all the bad things. If you have had a good relationship but can’t manage anymore, then it would be best to sell the place and divide the money amongst the two of you.

Family Law Commission


Promote the uniqueness of jurisdiction and the uniformity of rituals and practices, also with reference to the provisions of art. 38 avoiding attempts to modify (return to the past) the Berruti proposal.

Monitoring of the establishment of specialized sections in the Courts and “promotion” of the specialized sections in the Public Prosecutor’s Offices.

This activity can not be separated from the involvement of the Magistrates of the Court and Court of Appeal of the individual districts, which deal with the matter of family law, with the possible establishment of a mixed commission. On the subject, solicit the common formation, inviting the CSM to foresee the presence of a greater number of lawyers (registered to the most representative familiarist associations) to the training courses of the magistrates.

Discusses issues concerning the enforcement of family law measures (in collaboration with European Law Commission)

Discusses issues related to mixed marriages: in particular with Islamic law (in collaboration with the Human Rights Commission).

Promotion of projects for schools and public administrations, aimed at education and respect, in synergy with MIUR and ANCI, for overcoming the prejudices and discriminations caused by the lack of information and a lack of awareness of the problem. Educating respect for those who are different (by gender, illness / syndrome, religious orientation, sexual orientation) but not for this “different” (in collaboration with the Equal Opportunities Commission)

To deepen the deontological and specific training aspects of the familiar lawyer; advocate lawyer; advocacy lawyer, barrister negotiator, mediator lawyer, child lawyer, special curator lawyer (in collaboration with deontological commissions, training (also common to and with magistrates)

Evaluate the possibility of stipulating memorandums of understanding with local authorities in order to establish, where possible, guarantee funds for “weak” subjects who are victims of repeated non-compliance with maintenance obligations.

Coordination (permanent work table) with the most representative industry associations.

Couple problems: tips for a happy family life

Many believe that relationships with fewer couple problems are those of long duration, perhaps for a lifetime. But why?

Is it correct to judge the value of a relationship by the duration of the reports? “Here, they’ve been living together for fifty years!” It does not matter the years that have lived together but the result, the quality, the consequence of their life, and not the fact that those fifty years have remained together! Has the quantity transformed into a new quality? The author has proposed this question to several listeners and in individual interviews: “What is the dearest and most valuable being for you?”. The most frequent answer was “the children”, “the children!”. It was rare to hear “my husband”, “my beloved”. And he hardly ever received the answer: “The person I love most is me”. People are afraid of talking about love for themselves. Here are the advice of Anatolij Nekrasov taken from his bookThe deception of maternal love .

To truly love oneself means to penetrate deeply and acutely into the substance of which one is made.
It is the union with one’s soul. This is why there are not many people who truly love themselves. It is very difficult, almost impossible, to feel true love for oneself and for another person, when you forget about freedom. Children, born and raised in love and freedom, will be harmonious people and their relationships with life will also be harmonious. Only when a proper system of values ​​is established between the parents and the children, is then created a marvelous consonance and a good relationship between all the generations of the same family. And there are these families!

Well, at the beginning of everything, in the center of your value system, put YOURSELF!
If you will not be full of love towards yourselves, if every single cell will not resonate with your love, how will you be able to express it? If you do not know how to love yourself, who will love you? Comply yes, they will pity you. But love no! Because authentic love is built on respect. By loving and respecting yourselves, you will project this state to the outside and you will begin to form that hierarchy of values ​​that will allow us to achieve authentic realization in life.


The first circle of love includes oneself, but the next includes the couple (HE + HER).
Only a center “I + HIM / HER” well formed and filled with love will allow you to achieve what you want. The love of the couple is the maximum value of the Universe! It is the foundation of life. And we must not divide and identify the most important of the two members that make up the couple: each of them is of PARI VALUE. Only when the couple goes out of love and in harmony and constitutes a whole, can she impose her creative imprint on life.

When husband and wife are united in love, a space is born in which the children feel very well . However, if parents do not love themselves and even among themselves there is no love they begin to create problems of the couple whose children are affected too. If one of the two pretends to be the head of the family does not respect his half, then eccentricity is produced, which leads to the sunset of the relationship and the malaise of the children. If the couple is at the center of everything, it becomes a strong source of love, the stronger, the stronger the love for oneself of each other.

The second circle is the “domestic focoloare”.
If a couple devotes sufficient attention, care and love to this aspect, it will have a good foundation for building one’s own happiness. Often the emphasis is not placed on the creation of the couple, but on the formation of the home, in the illusion that this is enough to form the family. Often the couple proposes the purpose of forming a family and all thoughts and feelings are concentrated on this; but at the beginning we must build the relationship between man and woman, form the couple.

Otherwise the family, as a material space, can be so, but it will not be possible to build relationships of love, and the obvious consequences will be problems of the couple. The couple, constituting a family, can generate a child. The word “can” is emphasized because the main purpose of the family is not the birth of children, but the discovery of self in the close union between a man and a woman, in conditions of common life.

Now we have reached the third circle of love, the one towards the children.
Yes, the children were put in third place! For many this is an unexpected position, but the question of children is one in which most of the couple problems arise. Unfortunately, there are many women who put children in the highest position and even in the first place. Here’s where the trouble begins!

If children grow up in a family where love is distributed in the right way , there are the best conditions for their education and for the formation of their future happiness. In this way, parents transmit happiness and love to their children and they