Major types of family laws in Hervey Bay

Families are the most important social units in every society. There are times when the family members are in peace with each other, but other times you find out that they have disputes among them. In such times people require family lawyers to help them in dealing with the family issues that they might be facing. In most cases, people do not get to understand that there are different types of family lawyers dealing with varying types of family law. In Hervey Bay, for example, when you need a family lawyer, you have to find the family lawyer who will offer you the exact services that you need. This will be determined by the areas of specialisation of the family lawyers. When you understand different types of family lawyers, you will get to hire a family lawyer that can attend to your law needs.


This is the primary type of family law that every person knows about. The divorce family law deals with ending marriages legally. In case the two of you decide that you cannot accommodate each other, then the best thing to do is to get a divorce.


The other common type of family law deals with spousal support. After a separation or divorce, both of you have to live in separate ways. However, there can be a spouse who is to support the other financially.  The kind of family law that will ensure that your spouse supports you financially even after the divorce or separation is the spousal support.

Child custody

When most parents are getting divorced, they either have young or older kids. When you have young children, you will be required to file child custody so that you can keep your child. In most cases, the mother stays with the children, but when they attain a certain age, they can choose who they want to stay with.


There is a parent who cannot conceive. If these people have a passion for being parents, they can adopt children. This type of family law helps these parents to gain the legal rights of adopting a child or children and raising them as if they are their own.


There are times when men impregnate women, but they have not declared the fathers to the children that are born due to one reason or another. If the man wants to be declared the father, he is supposed to make use of this family law to ask the court in Hervey Bay to help them determine the paternity.  On the other hand, if the man does not want to be the father of a child, the woman can also ask the court to determine the paternity and declare the man who impregnated them the father of the child.

Protection  orders

There are people, and especially women who are abused in their marriages. This may be due to a violent spouse or even alcoholism. The people who are involved in domestic violence use the protection order given to them by the court to ensure that no one abuses them.

All these are some of the types of family laws that you will find in Hervey Bay family courts. Look for a leading family lawyer in Hervey Bay if you need legal help in any of these situations.

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