What Do Solicitors in Australia Do?

Solicitors are licensed lawyers in Australia. They have a degree in law and must complete 18 to 24 months of supervised practice. They also have a range of specialisations and are regulated. They may also be called solicitor advocates, which means that they can perform both the roles of a solicitor and a barrister.

Costs of practising as a solicitor in Australia

There are a number of costs involved in practising as a solicitor in Australia. These fees are based on the period in which you are qualified and the commencement of your certificate. They do not include GST. For more information, read the fact sheet below.

As a professional, solicitors have a responsibility to inform clients about expected legal costs and provide a detailed written costs agreement. The Legal Profession Act sets the laws governing legal costs.

Specialisation of solicitors

Specialisation of solicitors in Australia is a relatively recent development. In most jurisdictions, it was introduced as a way to distinguish lawyers in specific fields. The New South Wales and Victorian systems had strict qualifications for specialists. In addition, accredited specialists had to submit a report detailing their CLE involvement each year. The New South Wales Specialisation Board also conducted random interviews with selected specialists to ensure their competence in various areas.

Accreditation schemes are designed to recognise solicitors who demonstrate reasonable competence and are qualified to practice. The accreditation scheme in Ontario is likely to be similar. The aim is to identify those solicitors who are above average. The standard of competence for entry into the scheme is not too high.

Regulation of solicitors

Legislation governing solicitors in Australia includes many provisions that are designed to protect the public. Among these is the requirement that lawyers give clients a written statement outlining the work they will undertake and the name of the lawyer who will be involved in the work. Clients should also be given contact details for another solicitor in case the solicitor they have appointed cannot be reached. Further, solicitors should give progress reports at regular intervals. They should also be able to explain why the work is taking longer than expected, if this is the case.

The Legal Profession Act 2006 establishes the rules under which solicitors can practice. The rules are designed to cut red tape and create a unified system of legal practice. It is a consolidated set of laws that apply across different Australian jurisdictions. The rules under the Act apply to solicitors and other legal practitioners, as well as to foreign lawyers, incorporated legal practices, multidisciplinary partnerships, and practitioners employed by corporations.

Solicitors in Australia

The proportion of women solicitors is increasing in Australia. The number of female solicitors in Australia has increased by 57 percent since 2011, while the proportion of male solicitors has increased by just six percent in the same period. According to the latest statistics, female solicitors make up about two-thirds of the legal profession in Australia.

Solicitors in Australia are largely concentrated in cities, but they are also present in the suburbs and regional towns. The proportion of suburban solicitors has almost doubled since 2011, and the proportion of lawyers in regional areas has increased by nine per cent. The proportion of young lawyers working in metropolitan areas is higher than that in regional areas.

There are around 80,000 solicitors in Australia. This figure is rising every year. In the past decade, the number of solicitors in Australia has increased by 45 percent. Before you hire a solicitor, make sure to understand your legal situation and seek a lawyer who specialises in your area. The internet is an excellent resource for finding the best solicitors in your area.

Solicitors are regulated by laws in each state or territory. The laws that govern the profession are set forth by the Law Council. Generally, solicitors must follow the Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules. This legislation was developed in collaboration with state and territory law societies and the constituent professional bodies of the Law Council.

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