Family law lawyers in Gold Coast

Family lawyers are the people who deal with all family legal issues. These issues may include guardianship, divorce, child custody, and any other matters. Therefore, these lawyers work as family mediators in the event of any family disagreements.

They can handle any urgent needs that the family may face, hence saving time in decision making.

Cases Handled By The Gold Coast family lawyers

Child custody

The lawyers understand who will take care of the children well between the two parents. They will get to explain to you the way the court will handle the matter, and the way it will determine the custodian and how the order will be enforced. This experienced team ensures that there is protection over your parental rights.

Separation and divorce

They will advise you on the requirements of separation. For example, they will advise you on the right procedure to follow in case of a divorce. Sometimes, a divorce can be issued without legal representation if the clients are guided in the right direction.

Gold Coast lawyers can help you in handling complicated cases which are likely to consume most of your time. Through their experience in this field, they know the best approach to use to make it successful.

Property consent orders

Protection of financial interests may not be guaranteed for the case of informal agreements. Gold Coast family lawyers help clients to reach effective agreements and obtain legally binding consent orders for the partners.

Therefore, with a family lawyer, the clients are assured of solutions without worries regarding the change of mind from the other partner.

Mediation and arbitration

Mediation requires trained professional personnel to assist both parties to speak out their case, and hence understand the two. Therefore, a family lawyer communicates effectively to help the parties reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

The partners can present their case and evidence to an arbitrator who will make a decision similar to that of a judge. They make the process much quicker and cost-effective than attending to court.

Spousal maintenance

They provide professional advice on spousal support. For instance, the Family Law Act requires that in the event of income disparity, a low-income earner can pursue spousal maintenance from the higher income earner spouse. This is only eligible when the lower income earner cannot support themselves due to caring for underage children, inability to secure employment or any other valid reasons decided by the court.

There should be a prove over the shortage of income or surplus income in one of the spouses. However, the application can be made for only one year from the date the divorce order is issued.

Paternity testing

They can do paternity testing in cases where parentage or presumption of paternity is not proven. This can be achieved through DNA analysis of the two parties after agreeing or by court order.

These family lawyers located on the Gold Coast understand the whole process of paternity testing and the necessary steps to follow to determine the biological father of the child. After the analysis of the results, the parties can look into other issues such as parental arrangements.

Child support

They help in assessing how much child support is payable to the child support agency. Here, they consider the parent’s income, the age of the child and the nights spent by the child with each parent.

They provide other crucial advice regarding private child support agreement and your entitlements when the other party lives outside Australia.

Finally, family lawyers play an essential role in handling estates and wills. They can advise on all parameters related to will establishment.

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